Tuesday, 26 January 2016

How To Play Android Games On PC Without Any Software/Bluestacks

Use Google ARC Welder To Play Android Games And Run Android Apps In Google Chrome Without Any Software/Bluestacks, Genymotion, Andy And Other Android Emulators For PC.

In Today's video, I will be introducing to you an easiest way to play Android games and run Android applications on a PC. You don't need to install any third party Android Emulator, You can play Android games and run Android applications on a Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS and Chrome OS computer or Laptop without Bluestacks and others Android Emulators for PC. 

We can play Android games and run Android apps through a free to use Google Chrome app named Google ARC Welder app. The process is very simple, Install ARC Welder app in Google Chrome, attach an APK file of your desired Android game or application to get started.

How To Play Android Games On PC Without Any Software/Bluestacks

System Requirements For Google ARC Welder

Before you start, I would like to clarify a few important things about the Google ARC Welder app. If you want to use it on a 32 bit PC, then you are totally out of luck. I tried to install it on a 32 bit older PC with 1 GB of RAM. But I could not manage to use it and even download it. While It is working flawlessly on a 64 bit laptop with 1 GB of RAM. As well as Google Chrome 32 bit version is not recommended to use Google ARC Welder on. As It frequently crashes while playing Android games and running Android applications specially high-end games. You can install Google Chrome 64 bit version to avoid any potential errors.

Go to Google ARC Welder page on Chrome web store. Since Google ARC Welder is not indexed in Chrome web store's index, Therefore You use Google ARC Welder page link to install that I've given below.

Click add to Chrome.

Click add.

Google ARC Welder Size

It may take some time to be completed depending on internet speed. In Fact, First It installs App Runtime for Chrome and which is mandatory and the size of the App Runtime for Chrome is 200 MB. After App Runtime for Chrome, Google ARC Welder is installed. So sit back and keep calm.

Congratulation, You have successfully installed Google ARC Welder app and It is now ready to use. Press choose button to specify a location where It can write files to the PC's file system.

After this, You need an APK file of your favorite app or game. You can search for APK files on Google. There are tons of websites exist on the internet providing with APK files. 

After having downloaded an APK file, Click add your APK to attach an APK file to run your favorite Android app and play Android game in Google Chrome.

Click test to play games or run apps.

After testing Google ARC Welder, I cannot call it a full time alternative of an Android Emulator. Actually It is not for public use, It is designed for Android developers to test Android apps and games.