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Best Free Epub Reader Android Apps To Read Epub eBooks On Android Phones And Tablets

Sometimes You download an eBook and try to open it in a PDF reader in Android, But your reader cannot recognize it. Your downloaded ebook could be an Epub file extension which a general PDF reader cannot recognize or open. Actually, In addition to the PDF file extension, There are several ebook file extensions exist, such as Epub, Mobi and others and a general PDF reader app cannot open Epub and other file extensions. 

I took this into consideration and have compiled a list of 6 best and free to use Android Epub readers to read Epub books on Android phones and Tablet PCs.  All Epub readers except one are free to use and free of annoying advertisements. Let's go through the list of 6 best and top Epub readers for Android users.

1)-Aldiko Book Reader

The Aldiko Book Reader is designed for iOS and Android powered phones and Tablets to read Epub, PDF and other ebook formats. Although Aldiko Book Reader is a free to use Epub reader, But in addition to the free version of Aldiko Book Reader, There is also a premium version of Aldiko Book Reader with a number of additional features.

The Aldiko Book Reader has a simplistic and elegant interface. one of the best things about it is that I found it very lightweight while reading Epub ebooks. You can buy or download books from without leaving the app. Aldiko Book Reader supports most ebook formats including PDF, Epub, Adobe DRM encrypted and others. I tried to read a Mobi ebook, but It could not recognize it. Most of its features are available for iOS devices.

2)-Cool Reader

This Epub reader for Android is my personal favorite reader. Cool Reader is as cool as its name. Cool Reader has truly cool, easy to use and user friendly interface and one of the best things about Cool Reader is that despite it is a free Android Epub reader, I found no advertisements while reading books. In addition to Epub file format, It supports PDF, mobi and many other ebook file formats. It is very easy to access your desired books in Cool Reader and you can download books from the Internet Archive, Feed Books dot com and other websites without leaving the app. 

3)-Bluefire Reader

Bluefire Reader is designed for iOS and Android powered phones and Tablet devices to read Epub and other ebooks. This one of the best ereader is free to use and I've found no annoying advertisements while reading books. Bluefire Reader also lets you sync Epub and other books between your smart phone, Tablet devices, or ereaders.


It would not be fair to not add FBReader to the list of best Android Epub readers. FBReader is a cross platform piece of software that is designed for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and Black Berry operating systems. FBReader is available in free and paid versions and the good thing is that FBReader free version has no advertisements. While Its premium version has dictionary and translation integration and many other useful features. In addition to Epub books, You can also read mobi ebooks.  

5)-Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader is another one of the famous and top eBook readers for Android users that lets you read Epub ebooks in addition to PDF and other formats. 

Annoying advertisements are what we can call the downside of Moon+ Reader. This Epub reader for Android is available in free and paid versions. While reading books, It bombards its users with advertisements in free version, While In its paid version, You'll find a number of additional useful features. Such as 3D page turning effect, text to speech and other features.

6)-Adobe Digital Editions

This lightweight Epub reader is very popular among Windows and Mac OS users. Adobe Digital Editions is designed for Android and iOS users as well. This Epub reader to read Epub books on Android phones and Tablets is totally free to use and as well as free of annoying advertisements and suggestions to install any bloatware.

There is a big downside of Adobe Digital Editions. I tried to install Adobe Digital Editions on my phone and Tablet PC running Android version 4 and got the error that It is not compatible with Android version 4. 
Please do note that You cannot read DRM Protected ebooks on these Epub reader apps except Aldiko Book Reader. I hope the Today's list of 6 top and free Epub readers to read Epub ebooks on Android has been helpful and informative to you. Please do let me know and others If you know or use any other Epub reader using the comment section.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Bluestacks VS GenyMotion | Is Bluestacks Linux Alternative GenyMotion Really Good?

I don't say that Bluestacks is a totally useless piece of software. The Bluestacks app player has over 10 million users all around the world and they cannot be wrong. But there are still many who are not happy with Bluestacks. As you might know, In addition to its usefulness and ease of use and setup, Bluestacks is also notorious for its numerous problems or errors most of Bluestacks users run into. As well as Bluestacks is not available to use for third most used operating system Linux, Ubuntu users.

If you are not happy with Bluestacks or looking for a Bluestacks alternative for Windows, Mac OS and specially Linux operating systems then GenyMotion is a best option you can go for. GenyMotion is hailed as one of the best alternatives to Bluestacks App player to play Android games and run Android apps on a Windows, Mac OS and Linux powered computer and Laptop. In today's video, We will be looking into facts to find out Is it really worth migrate from Bluestacks to GenyMotion or not? If you are one of those who are not happy with Bluestacks. Let's begin with system requirements for both PC Android Emulators.

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According to a recent study, Windows XP is still second most used version of Microsoft Windows Despite the fact, Microsoft has put Windows XP to rest last year. Bluestacks is available to use for Windows XP in addition to Windows 7, 8, Vista and Windows 10 and Even recently released Bluestacks 2 can be used on a Windows XP with service pack 3 PC. Though Windows XP users may experience some problems But It is possible to use Bluestacks 2 on Windows XP and Windows Vista.

As far as Genymotion is concerned, This PC Android Emulator is not available for Windows XP and Windows Vista users. And As well as GenyMotion does not support 32 bit Linux computers. It is available for Linux Ubuntu 64 bits and Linux Debian 64 bits. 

System requirements are same for both Android Emulators. Your PC must have 2GB of RAM and graphic card. GenyMotion and Bluestacks can not be installed on Oracle VirtualBox or any other Virtualization software.

We cannot call Genymotion an easy to download, install and set up. You need minimum an hour for downloading, installing and setting it up.

Before you download GenyMotion, you must create an account on its official site. I personally don't like this requirement. As well as you must install Oracle VirtualBox on your computer or laptop. Without VirtualBox, You cannot install an Android virtual device. 

After creating an account and having downloaded and installed GenyMotion, Now you need to install your desired Android device which is first downloaded and then installed. If you have a slow internet connection then It may take too long to be completed.

After having installed a virtual Android device, There are a few tasks you need to carry out yet. Any Android virtual device you install does not come packed with Google Play store and other Google apps and even you cannot install or use apps using APK files. We have to flash Google play service and ARM Translation to use Google play store and other apps.

You don't need to have Virtualbox installed on your computer to use Bluestacks. Bluestacks is truly easy to download, install and setup in this regard. You don't need to create an account on After having installed it, You need a Gmail account to download or install apps and games from Google Play store and other things. You need nothing to install to get started. Everything comes pre installed in Bluestacks.

Although Both Bluestacks and GenyMotion are free to use for personal use. But While using Bluestacks, I've noticed that Bluestacks force its users to install sponsored apps and games or buy premium subscription. And on top of that when this notification pops up, You can nothing but go for one of the given options. While using GenyMotion, I have not found such notifications so far.

Bluestacks boots very fast than GenyMotion Emulator. While GenyMotion takes some time to boot and load all the stuff. 

There is a pretty useful option in GenyMotion that Bluestacks lacks. GenyMotion lets you install your favorite Android version and device both smart phone and Tablet PC ranging SamSung to HTC, Motorola, LG, Google nexus, Sony Xperia and others. It would not be wrong to say that GenyMotion is a perfect Android emulator for app and game developers for testing purposes. While there is no such option at your disposal in Bluestacks app player.

You can easily transfer files from PC to both emulators. But There is no option to transfer files from emulators to PC.

Many Bluestacks users complain that Bluestacks often crashes, especially while playing games and users have to restart the system. Though GenyMotion crashed while my test. But It happens rarely. I may be wrong, but as far as my personal experience is concerned. Performance-wise GenyMotion is better than the Bluestacks app player.

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I hope you can now decide which Android PC emulator is best and suits you to play Android games and run Android apps on Linux, Windows and Mac OS. Please do let me know and others  If you know anything good or bad about GenyMotion and Bluestacks App Player using the comment section.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Bluestacks 2 Review 2016 | What's New In Bluestacks 2 For Windows 10/7/8/Vista/XP

Bluestacks version 2 with plenty of new and praiseworthy features has been made available to the public a few days ago. In today's Bluestacks 2 review video, I will be trying to cover all new features of Bluestacks App Player version 2. So you can decide whether is it worth installing Bluestacks App Player version 2 or not?

If you use Mac OS and want to check it out on your Mac machine what is new in Bluestacks App Player version 2? then you are out of luck. According to Bluestacks blog, Bluestacks version 2 is only available to use for Microsoft Windows users for the time being. But Bluestacks have intentions to make the updated Bluestacks version 2 available for Mac users in the future.

Downloading and installing Bluestacks version 2 is now very easy to do for both veteran and beginner Windows PC users. And as far as system requirements for Bluestacks version 2 is concerned. Required system resources remain the same you need for its previous version.  Bluestacks version 2 is available for all Microsoft Windows versions ranging from Windows XP to Windows 10, 7, 8 and Windows Vista. 

System Requirement For Bluestacks 2

You must be an Administrator on your computer.

You need 2 GB of RAM

Your need 4GB  of disk space.

Working graphics drivers 

After having installed Bluestacks 2, You will find it a very easy to use and user friendly Android emulator. While using it, You'll feel like you are using a tabbed web browser. This is what We can call it a major change or addition to Bluestacks version 2. As you know that We can only play one game and run one app at a time in its previous version. But you can now run play multiple games and apps at once. As well as Bluestacks 2 lets you browse the internet, watch videos, use Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype and other things without having to close a game or app. This is why, I can say that Bluestacks is now truly easy to use and user friendly Android emulator.

Before installing Bluestacks 2, I was expecting improvements in Bluestacks menu. But Menu in Bluestacks 2 is still ugly and boring. You will have to use a third party launcher to make it prettier and easier to access your desired apps or games.

Importing OBB DATA files is still boring and difficult to do. You can not import a whole  folder and have to import files one by one to install big size Android games on Bluestacks 2.

In addition to double clicking on an APK file of a game and app to install it on Bluestacks, Now There is dedicated option to install games and apps through an APK file.

In Bluestacks 2, It is very easy to change keyboard settings or define your preferred buttons for playing games. 

There is a dedicated option to take screenshots in Bluestacks 2. You can take screenshots and share to Facebook, Instagram etc and as well as send to Windows. 

At the end of today's Bluestacks 2 review, There is a bad news for those who are expecting motion detection feature in Bluestacks 2. There is no motion detection feature at your disposal in Bluestacks version 2.

I don't know How it goes on your PC But As far as my personal experience is concerned, Bluestacks 2 got amazingly faster than previous version. It did not crash or hang while my test. 

Before ending today's Bluestacks 2 video review, I humbly request you please do not forget to share with me and others, If you find any new and cool addition to Bluestacks version 2.

Monday, 7 December 2015

How To Download IMO For PC/Laptop And Install IMO ON Windows 10/7/8/Vista/XP

IMO is a very famous Android messenger to make free video and audio calls and send, receive images and videos. Today's video tutorial is for those Who are looking ways to get IMO for Windows or in other words, Want to use IMO to make free video and audio calls and send, receive images and videos on a Windows 7, 8, 10 and Vista powered PC. 

Before moving forward, I would like to tell you the fact you should be familiar with,  Though It is possible to install or use IMO on a Windows PC, But There is no official or dedicated IMO version available for Microsoft Windows and other operating systems for the time being. Bluestacks and any other good PC Android Emulator is only the way to use IMO on your Windows PC. I recommend you use the Bluestacks App Player for this purpose. But Before installing it, Make sure your PC meets minimum system requirement for the Bluestacks App Player. Your PC must have at least a 1 gigahertz and 2GB of RAM to use it. I encourage you to watch my video on How to install Bluestacks, If you find difficult to install the Bluestacks App player.

There’s another major thing that you need to take into account. If you don't have an account then You need a cell number for verification purpose to use IMO on a Windows PC
As you can see I am using Bluestacks App Player version 2 right now. To install IMO on Bluestacks to use it on a PC, Open up  Google Play store. And in case, You find difficult to access Google Play store, I would like to recommend you install a third party launcher to access Google Play Store and the menu quickly. I have installed ADW launcher. 

After launching Google Play Store, Now type IMO in the search bar.

This search will return with possible results, Click on first one.

Click on install

Click accept. It will start downloading and installing it.

You've successfully installed, Let's move to the next step.

Click open.

Here you need to submit a cell number and then verify your number by SMS

Tick mark Allow automatic updating

Click OK

Check your cell phone Inbox to find the confirmation code.

Enter the confirmation code here and hit enter.

Now Please enter your name and age and click done.

Congratulation, You have successfully installed IMO and It is now ready to use it.

Please don't forget to let me know If I could not explain anything properly or you run into any problem using the comment section, I'll try to solve your problem as soon as possible.  

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Thursday, 26 November 2015

How To Root Bluestacks Any Latest Version On Windows 10/7/8/XP/Vista

Today's video tutorial is for those who are fed up with watching complicated and hard to understand video tutorials on rooting Bluestacks. I would try to make today's tutorial on How to root Bluestacks simple and short.

The credit of this tutorial goes to Xda-developers forum and Though this method works, but the downside of this method to root Bluestacks app player is that It does not work with latest Bluestacks versions and this is why You'll have to uninstall latest version of Bluestacks and then install an older version of the Bluestacks to root your copy of the Bluestacks app player on Windows 7, 8, 10, Xp and Windows Vista. 

The current version of Bluestacks is version 0.10 and today's tutorial requires Bluestacks version 0.08. If you have high speed and reliable internet connection. You can download required Bluestacks version online installer from File Hippo. Otherwise the process of downloading and installing Bluestacks using its online installer could be quite long. You can find the download link to download Bluestacks offline installer to install the required version of the Bluestacks with ease and in no time.

First of all uninstall current Bluestacks version. To uninstall it, go to control panel and open Programs and Features.

Now locate Bluestacks app player 

Double click on it to uninstall it.

After having uninstalled Bluestacks, Please now restart your PC. 

I've restarted my PC and I'll now install an older version of the Bluestacks to carry out the root process. for your convenience. Click here to download offline installer of the required version of Bluestacks and BS Multitool

After having downloaded required version of Bluestacks, Now install it.

The installation process now is completed. Please download Bs Multi Tool and Super User, You can find the download link in video description. 

Extract it using Winrar or 7 Zip.

Double click on the BS multi tool to launch it. Please make sure the Bluestacks is running.

Press 1.

Press any key to begin rooting process.

Congratulation you've successfully rooted your copy of the Bluestacks app player. Now We'll confirm If BS multiboot has really rooted Bluestacks or not?

To confirm it, Download Root Checker Pro APK file from here and install it.

Open root checker Pro in Bluestacks. 

Click agree

Click OK.

Click verify root.

Click allow.

Congratulation you've successfully rooted your copy of Bluestacks. Now you may download and install the latest version of the Bluestacks app player.

Click here to download Bluestacks offline installer

Please do let me know If I could not explain anything properly or you run into any problem, I'll try my level best to solve your problems as soon as possible. 

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How To Install Bluestacks On Windows 7/8/10 To Play Android Game/Apps On Win PC/Laptop

The Bluestacks app player is a very famous Android emulator for Windows and Mac operating system users. This useful yet free to use piece of software is perfect for those who are looking for ways to use Android messengers, apps and play games on a Windows or Mac PC.

Many of Windows users find downloading and installing Bluestacks difficult and even difficulties are not over If they manage to install it. In today's video tutorial, I will be trying to teach you How to install the Bluestacks app player on Windows PC or Laptop? As well as you'll learn how can you download Bluestacks app player in no time and with ease?

Before proceeding furthermore, I would like to suggest you please have a quick look at Bluestacks app player system requirements, whether your PC meets minimum system requirements or not.

If your PC has 1 GB of Ram then you're out of luck, Bluestacks requires 2 GB of RAM. 

Before installing the Bluestacks app player, Make sure Your PC's VGA card or graphic drivers are installed and updated to avoid Bluestacks graphic card error and any other potential error.

And the most important thing is that Do not forget to install Microsoft Dot net framework 4.5 before installing the Blue stacks app player. I have put a download link in the video description to download dot Net framework 4.5 offline installer. Through dot Net framework 4.5 offline installer, you can easily install dot Net framework 4.5 in no time. You don't need to install it If you've already installed it.

While installing or using Blue stacks, You could experience problems created by your antivirus programs. Bit defender and many other antivirus programs do not let you install or use Blue stacks. So please keep in mind this fact before installing or using Blue stacks. You might have to disable your antivirus while installing or using it.

To install the Blue stacks app player with ease, Click here to download  download Bluestacks offline installer.

I hope everything is now clear to you, Please Skip installing dot net framework If you have already installed it. Let's start with installing Microsoft dot Net Framework 4.5. Launch its installer.

It may take a while.

Check I have read and accept the license terms option and click install.

The installation process takes 2 to 5 minutes to be completed So keep calm and sit back.

Click, You've completed.  

After having installed .net framework, Double click on the Bluestacks offline installer that you've downloaded.

Click continue.

Click next.

Click install.

The installation process takes a while to be completed so keep calm.

Click agree


Click existing if you already have a gmail account, otherwise click new and create a new Gmail account.

After having written id and password hit enter and click OK.

Click next

On the next page, Here you can add multiple accounts and select your preferred one.

Click OK.

Enter password and click sign in button

Click Let's go.

Congratulation you've successfully installed the Bluestacks app player and you now can install and use apps, messengers like Skype, IMO, Whatsapp and play Android games.

If you still run into any problem Please do let me know using the comment section, I'll try to solve your problems as soon as possible.

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