Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Bluestacks 2 Review 2016 | What's New In Bluestacks 2 For Windows 10/7/8/Vista/XP

Bluestacks version 2 with plenty of new and praiseworthy features has been made available to the public a few days ago. In today's Bluestacks 2 review video, I will be trying to cover all new features of Bluestacks App Player version 2. So you can decide whether is it worth installing Bluestacks App Player version 2 or not?

If you use Mac OS and want to check it out on your Mac machine what is new in Bluestacks App Player version 2? then you are out of luck. According to Bluestacks blog, Bluestacks version 2 is only available to use for Microsoft Windows users for the time being. But Bluestacks have intentions to make the updated Bluestacks version 2 available for Mac users in the future.

Downloading and installing Bluestacks version 2 is now very easy to do for both veteran and beginner Windows PC users. And as far as system requirements for Bluestacks version 2 is concerned. Required system resources remain the same you need for its previous version.  Bluestacks version 2 is available for all Microsoft Windows versions ranging from Windows XP to Windows 10, 7, 8 and Windows Vista. 

System Requirement For Bluestacks 2

You must be an Administrator on your computer.

You need 2 GB of RAM

Your need 4GB  of disk space.

Working graphics drivers 

After having installed Bluestacks 2, You will find it a very easy to use and user friendly Android emulator. While using it, You'll feel like you are using a tabbed web browser. This is what We can call it a major change or addition to Bluestacks version 2. As you know that We can only play one game and run one app at a time in its previous version. But you can now run play multiple games and apps at once. As well as Bluestacks 2 lets you browse the internet, watch videos, use Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype and other things without having to close a game or app. This is why, I can say that Bluestacks is now truly easy to use and user friendly Android emulator.

Before installing Bluestacks 2, I was expecting improvements in Bluestacks menu. But Menu in Bluestacks 2 is still ugly and boring. You will have to use a third party launcher to make it prettier and easier to access your desired apps or games.

Importing OBB DATA files is still boring and difficult to do. You can not import a whole  folder and have to import files one by one to install big size Android games on Bluestacks 2.

In addition to double clicking on an APK file of a game and app to install it on Bluestacks, Now There is dedicated option to install games and apps through an APK file.

In Bluestacks 2, It is very easy to change keyboard settings or define your preferred buttons for playing games. 

There is a dedicated option to take screenshots in Bluestacks 2. You can take screenshots and share to Facebook, Instagram etc and as well as send to Windows. 

At the end of today's Bluestacks 2 review, There is a bad news for those who are expecting motion detection feature in Bluestacks 2. There is no motion detection feature at your disposal in Bluestacks version 2.

I don't know How it goes on your PC But As far as my personal experience is concerned, Bluestacks 2 got amazingly faster than previous version. It did not crash or hang while my test. 

Before ending today's Bluestacks 2 video review, I humbly request you please do not forget to share with me and others, If you find any new and cool addition to Bluestacks version 2.


  1. is it for 64 bit or 86 bit os ?????????

    1. if you have 2 GB RAM then you can use it on a 32 bit PC as well.

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