Monday, 28 December 2015

Best Free Epub Reader Android Apps To Read Epub eBooks On Android Phones And Tablets

Sometimes You download an eBook and try to open it in a PDF reader in Android, But your reader cannot recognize it. Your downloaded ebook could be an Epub file extension which a general PDF reader cannot recognize or open. Actually, In addition to the PDF file extension, There are several ebook file extensions exist, such as Epub, Mobi and others and a general PDF reader app cannot open Epub and other file extensions. 

I took this into consideration and have compiled a list of 6 best and free to use Android Epub readers to read Epub books on Android phones and Tablet PCs.  All Epub readers except one are free to use and free of annoying advertisements. Let's go through the list of 6 best and top Epub readers for Android users.

1)-Aldiko Book Reader

The Aldiko Book Reader is designed for iOS and Android powered phones and Tablets to read Epub, PDF and other ebook formats. Although Aldiko Book Reader is a free to use Epub reader, But in addition to the free version of Aldiko Book Reader, There is also a premium version of Aldiko Book Reader with a number of additional features.

The Aldiko Book Reader has a simplistic and elegant interface. one of the best things about it is that I found it very lightweight while reading Epub ebooks. You can buy or download books from without leaving the app. Aldiko Book Reader supports most ebook formats including PDF, Epub, Adobe DRM encrypted and others. I tried to read a Mobi ebook, but It could not recognize it. Most of its features are available for iOS devices.

2)-Cool Reader

This Epub reader for Android is my personal favorite reader. Cool Reader is as cool as its name. Cool Reader has truly cool, easy to use and user friendly interface and one of the best things about Cool Reader is that despite it is a free Android Epub reader, I found no advertisements while reading books. In addition to Epub file format, It supports PDF, mobi and many other ebook file formats. It is very easy to access your desired books in Cool Reader and you can download books from the Internet Archive, Feed Books dot com and other websites without leaving the app. 

3)-Bluefire Reader

Bluefire Reader is designed for iOS and Android powered phones and Tablet devices to read Epub and other ebooks. This one of the best ereader is free to use and I've found no annoying advertisements while reading books. Bluefire Reader also lets you sync Epub and other books between your smart phone, Tablet devices, or ereaders.


It would not be fair to not add FBReader to the list of best Android Epub readers. FBReader is a cross platform piece of software that is designed for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and Black Berry operating systems. FBReader is available in free and paid versions and the good thing is that FBReader free version has no advertisements. While Its premium version has dictionary and translation integration and many other useful features. In addition to Epub books, You can also read mobi ebooks.  

5)-Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader is another one of the famous and top eBook readers for Android users that lets you read Epub ebooks in addition to PDF and other formats. 

Annoying advertisements are what we can call the downside of Moon+ Reader. This Epub reader for Android is available in free and paid versions. While reading books, It bombards its users with advertisements in free version, While In its paid version, You'll find a number of additional useful features. Such as 3D page turning effect, text to speech and other features.

6)-Adobe Digital Editions

This lightweight Epub reader is very popular among Windows and Mac OS users. Adobe Digital Editions is designed for Android and iOS users as well. This Epub reader to read Epub books on Android phones and Tablets is totally free to use and as well as free of annoying advertisements and suggestions to install any bloatware.

There is a big downside of Adobe Digital Editions. I tried to install Adobe Digital Editions on my phone and Tablet PC running Android version 4 and got the error that It is not compatible with Android version 4. 
Please do note that You cannot read DRM Protected ebooks on these Epub reader apps except Aldiko Book Reader. I hope the Today's list of 6 top and free Epub readers to read Epub ebooks on Android has been helpful and informative to you. Please do let me know and others If you know or use any other Epub reader using the comment section.


  1. Take a look at Infinity Reader.

    It supports audio, video and all ePub3 features. The reader comes with a free book, which contains youtube video.
    Moreover, you can download a lot of free books.