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How To Download YouTube Videos On Android Phone Tablet With TubeMate Video Downloader

Not in all countries, But These days the internet has become blazingly fast in most of the countries and this makes watching online videos possible without buffering. Despite it, Most of the users of YouTube and other video sharing websites prefer to download videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Facebook and other video sharing websites. It would not be wrong to say that downloading online videos has always been difficult for most of the internet users. Downloading videos on a Windows PC is no big deal. I always found Internet download manager perfect at downloading videos. But there is no such luxury for Android users for the time being.

I took this into consideration and decided to help you out by creating a video tutorial on How to download YouTube videos on an Android phone or Android Tablet device. Though there are plenty of video downloader apps listed on Google Play store, But I will be using a free to use video downloader app named TubeMate Video Downloader and show you How to download videos from YouTube. Let's begin the video tutorial with downloading TubeMate video downloader app.

How To Download YouTube Videos On Android Phone Tablet With TubeMate Video Downloader

Don't search for TubeMate video downloader on Google Play store. TubeMate is not listed there and spammy apps await you. This is why, We will be downloading the APK file of TubeMate Video Downloader from its official website and then install it manually.

Go to TubeMate.Net and select one of the suggested or verified websites to download the APK file of TubeMate. I am going to choose this one. You can find the download link in the description.
Download the APK file of TubeMate Video Downloader.

Tap on the APK file.

Click install to complete the installation process of TubeMate Video Downloader.

You have successfully installed TubeMate Video Downloader.

TubeMate Video Downloader does not work with web browsers But works great in official YouTube Android app. So open up YouTube app and play the video you want to download to your Android mobile and Tablet device.

At the right upper corner of the video, There is an arrow icon. Tap on it.

You should see TubeMate icon in sharing menu. Click TubeMate to start the download. 

Here you need to choose your preferred video resolution.

Now It is downloading your desired video.

Congratulation, We've successfully downloaded a video from YouTube. Now The downloaded video is ready to watch. 

I found TubeMate great and light weight app to download videos. But Like other free to use Android apps, You'll have to bear advertisements while using TubeMate Video Downloader.

Please do let me know If you run into any problems. I'll try my best to solve your problem. Do share with me and others If you know or use any other better  video Downloader app than TubeMate. I value your precious thoughts and suggestions. The comment section awaits you.

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