Friday, 27 May 2016

How To Install Remix OS On VirtualBox(Resident Mode) (No Scam 100% Working Method No Mislead)

Android x86 has always been difficult to install on a PC to play Android games and run Android apps. The same thing is with the Remix OS as It is based on Android x86. The installation process of Reminx OS is not an easy job both on hard drive and almost impossible on Virtualbox If you go through the conventional installation process. Mount the ISO and start installing Remix OS on Oracle VirtualBox. It does not work at all. But It does not mean that you cannot install Remix OS on Oracle Virtualbox. Remix OS can be installed on any virtualization software you want to use.

After some research, I've found two methods to install Remix OS on Oracle Virtualbox that work very well for the resident mode. Unfortunately, You need plenty of free time in both methods to complete the installation process for Oracle Virtualbox. It took me 45 minutes to install the resident mode of Remix OS on Virtualbox. 

Although There are numerous tutorials on installing Re mix OS on Virtual box, Through which you can use the guest mode. But almost all of the available tutorials on installing guest mode either prove to be failed to install the resident mode or very complicated. In today's video tutorial, I will try to make things easier for all of you. I will be sharing both methods. Method number 1 in today's video and second method in upcoming video. As I've divided this tutorial into two parts So you don't feel boring.

You can watch my previous video tutorial on How to download and install Oracle VirtualBox? 

We need to install Windows 7 or any other Windows version. Before you start installing any Windows version, Give 2GB of RAM to it and create a virtual hard drive with additional 16GB space for installing Remix OS. For example, I am installing Windows 7 and it requires 15GB and I am creating virtual hard drive with 34GB disk space. You can save disk space by installing Windows XP or Windows Vista. Other things are same. 

Before you start installing Windows, Go to settings.

General and then click on advanced.

Select bidirectional and click OK.

Keep in mind, If you are using a PC with 32 bit processor, then download 32 bit version of Remix OS. If your PC has 64 bit processor, then download 64 bit version.

After getting everything ready, Start installing Windows.

After having installed Windows, Now install guest additions and restart.

After restart, From Menu, Click devices and select shared folder settings to import Remix OS, WinRar and EasyBCD

Install EasyBCD and Winrar if not installed.

In VirtualBox, Extract Remix OS to Drive C. 

After having extracted it. Now Go to Drive C. Right click on this disk image file and click extract here.

Now launch EasyBCD

Click add new entry.

Click ISO tab.

Click folder icon and select disk image file of the Remix OS from Drive C.

Click add Entry. You may give it a name.

Everything is now ready and We can start installing Remix OS. Now restart your virtual PC to install Remix OS on Oracle Virtualbox.

Select second option or boot Remix OS.

Select resident mode. Resident mode installs the Remix OS while Guest mode only lets you test Remix OS. The first time the installation process may take 30 to 60 minutes to be completed.

Congratulations, We have successfully installed Remix OS on Oracle Virtual Box. 
Now the problem is that Mouse does not work. To solve this issue, Please shut it down.

Go to settings.

Click System   

Next to pointing devices, Select PS 2 mouse from drop down menu. 

Click OK to save the settings. 

Now Mouse is working fine.

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