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How To Install Remix OS On PC / Hard Drive Without USB Drive / Memory Card

I'm sure you'll agree with that using an Android Emulator for PC to play Android games and run Android apps is no less than a trouble. Be ready to face a plethora of errors, speed and performance issues, If you go for Android emulators available out there. 

I found a very good solution to play Android games and run Android apps which is free of lagging and annoying errors. In Today's video tutorial, I'm going to share Remix OS all of you. I will be teaching you How to download and then How to install Remix OS. This tutorial is specifically for those who don't have or don't want to USB flash or memory card. Let's begin with some introductory lines about Remix OS.

What Is Remix OS?

Remix OS is based on open source Android-x86, In simple words, Remix OS is a custom version of Google Android. But Remix OS itself is not an open source operating system. Its source model is closed source which means The source code is not shared with the public for anyone to look at or change. 

Minimum Remix OS System Requirements

Before downloading and installing Remix OS, I was expecting that It will run on an old PC with 1 GB of RAM. I tried to install it on my old Dell computer with 1 GB of RAM, But It failed to boot. It remained stuck on the Remix OS logo for too long and I finally gave up installing it. 

You will find no exceptional system requirements As far as other requirements are concerned. Other requirements are

At least 16 GB free hard drive space for installing Remix OS on the hard drive for both dual or single boot.

Make sure your computer or Laptop has USB 3.0 Slots. Otherwise, It will take  extremely long time to boot.

You must have a USB flash or memory card with a capacity of 8GB or higher. And do not forget to make sure that writing speed of the USB drive or Memory card is more 20 megabytes per second. Otherwise, It will take extremely long time to boot.

The most important thing you need to take into account. Make sure Legacy boot mode is turned on or supported by the bios. Though You can install Re mix OS, but You cannot dual boot between Windows, Mac, Linux and Remix OS, If legacy boot mode is turned off or not supported.

Install Remix OS Without USB / Memory Card

Before We proceed furthermore, Please keep in mind, This tutorial is on How to install Remix OS on the hard drive without using a USB drive or memory card?

What We Need To Download?

We need to download three things, Remix OS installation disk, Winrar (Click here to download) and EasyBCD (Click here to download). You can find the download links in the video description. 

Go to and click on Remix OS for PC.

Click download now.

If you are using a PC with 32 bit processor, then download a 32 bit version of Remix OS. If your PC has a 64 bit processor, then download 64 bit version.

As you can see you can also take advantage of Torrent download option If you are using a slow or unreliable internet connection. Since I'm having a good internet connection, I am going to use regular download option. 

Install EasyBCD and Winrar if not installed.

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We Need A Hard Drive Partition To Install Remx OS ON.

After having installed EasyBCD and Winrar, Now We will prepare a hard drive partition for Remix OS for installation purposes. You can use an existing partition as well as you can go  for new one.

To create a new partition, Right click on computer or this PC icon.

Click manage.

A new Window will open up Upon clicking on manage.   

Click storage and then Disk Management.

Here you need to choose your preferred partition to be shrinking. Keep in mind, We need 16 GB free space.

After shrinking, You will see unallocated disk space. 

Right click on it and select new simple partition.

Click Next

Enter required amount or leave it as it is and click Next.

Click next.

Give It a name and click next to finish the process. 

Congratulations, We have successfully created a new partition.  

Now right click on Remix OS We have downloaded earlier and click extract files. 

Locate the partition We have prepared and Extract it to that partition.

Right click on extracted disk image file and select extract here.

After having extracted it, Now open EasyBCD.

Click add new entry.

Click ISO tab.

Click folder icon and select disk image file of the Remix OS from that partition where We have extracted it.

Click add Entry. You may give it a name.

Everything is now ready and We can start installing Remix OS. Now restart your PC to install Remix OS.

Select second option or boot Remix OS.

Select resident mode. Resident mode installs the Remix OS while Guest mode only lets you test Remix OS. The first time the installation process takes 5 to 10 minutes to be completed.

Remix OS does not come preinstalled with Google Play Store. You will have to install it manually. My next tutorial will be How to download and install Google Play store on Remix OS.

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